fashion school continuing education

Fashion School Continuing Education

Continuing education in fashion is becoming increasingly popular as the world's fashion industry continues to expand at a dazzling rate.

Fashion professionals may wish to expand their know-how; others may wish to work in a different aspect of fashion. In both cases, this growing industry creates a demand for skilled workers. Continuing your education in fashion is a great way to gain a competitive edge in the field.

The fashion industry -- similar to other industries -- is largely fueled by innovation dependent on textiles. This leads to a demand for textile specialists, an occupation that is more science-based than fashion-based. Someone involved in sourcing might wish to expand their knowledge into the world of textile specialties; this is just one example of why a continuing education in fashion is the perfect way to change your career and make yourself more valuable to the fashion industry.

Just about all continuing education programs in fashion are designed for people who already have a degree in some aspect of fashion. Many schools offer online education in addition to traditional on-campus education. Regardless of which option you choose, due to the ever-chaning nature of the fashion industry, make sure that you are learning from a current fashion professional..

Continuing education programs associated with fashion include:

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